Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogging Over Christmas: To Post, or Not To Post?

Last year I shared how, with a little bit of preparation and effort, you can keep your blog running smoothly throughout the festive period, without sticking yourself to your desk, watching the winter days fly by, but this year, I'm wondering if there's any point in posting over the festive period at all. Sure, I have ideas, and content I can share, but will people actually be interested in reading it, and if not, is it a pointless task, spending all that time on writing and typing, creating and sharing, only to get nadah?

I'd like to first make clear that by festive season, I mean the run up to Christmas, from around the 18th-20th December onwards, because let's be honest, that when the stress and panic really kicks in. I'm rather unlucky in that I have a festively-timed Birthday, and that means that I'm actually super busy over the season of good will, and sometimes, more so than others, whether I want to be or not, and that makes for tough decisions in whether to check up on the blog while I'm seeing family, or to hope it doesn't blow up without me. I know, it's a difficult choice, don't remind me..

Of course, last year I continued to post throughout the festive season, and while my pageviews did drop, I still had visits from my regulars, so in my mind, it was worth it. I was helping others, and that's why I do this blogging thing, to help people, to teach people, to share my experiences. What I find myself wondering this year is whether the pressure to publish posts is worth the reward I get when I do it. Nobody does anything for nothing, we all want some sort of satisfaction at the end of things, even if it's just a small gesture, it's the neediness in all of us, so is posting over Christmas worth it?

Well, if you're a blogger who benefits from the Christmas season, like a crafter or decorator, beauty or fashion, then sure, posting things over the festive season might see you getting a surge of pageviews as people want to know what to buy people, or how to decorate their homes on the cheap, but if you're a different kind of blogger, a more teach-and-learn, or book blogger, then, maybe not-so-much.

Me, I'm not so sure where I fit in the blogging community, I'm sort of just, doing things my way, sharing what I want to share, and creating when I want to chat, and that's working for me, but when it comes to posting over the festive season and close to the big day, I probably won't be putting my neck on the line, besides, if Christmas isn't the time to take a break, I don't know when is. Don't go worrying though, there's still a handful of posts coming out the woodwork before I take a small break, after all, I promised I was back for good, didn't I?

Do you have plans to post over the festive season?

What do you think of seasonal posts, and if you're taking a break, how long are you going for?


  1. YAY IM GLAD YOU'RE BACK FOR GOOD! Your posts honestly are so great, and I've MISSED YOU AND YOUR EXPERTISE IN EVERYTHING! <3
    I don't really know where I fit in within the community either o_O But yeah, all we can really do is just do our own thing, and it's awesome you're doing that! :)

  2. I do sometimes and sometimes I don't, it just depends on how busy I get. But I do read blogs during the holidays and it's nice to see something besides, Merry Christmas, for example.

  3. I only post when I'm going to be around. So, for example, some people pre-write a bunch of posts and schedule them to go up when they're on vacation, etc. But then they don't stick around when the posts are actually published. There's nothing wrong with that, but I don't like to do it. Generally, if I will be away and not checking my blog, then I won't schedule posts to go up during that period.

    I'll still be around until something like the 23rd or 24th of Dec, but then I'll be away through January 1st. So that period 23rd-1st is when I won't be posting.

  4. Yay that you're back!! 🎉 I really wondered where you'd disappeared to. ;D And yes I've actually been trying to think of how much I'm going to be posting over I'll probably do the same but maybe I'll do more tags and just light fun posts. 😊

  5. I might be blogging until the 23rd and then maybe 26-30th. I will going be on a secret trip on the 26th.

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