Monday, 28 November 2016

10 Popular, Well Loved Series I Think I Should Finish

In the past, I have been known to enjoy binge reading a series or five, and these days, although reading in itself isn't as common a hobby as it was previously, I still enjoy swallowing entire series whole. Alas, while this habit isn't actually a bad one, an unfortunate reaction to that hobby is that I can sometimes quite frequently forget to give series I didn't mind a chance to improve, or I simply don't have to time, nor effort, to give a better the book a second impression. For some series, that's unfair, and for others, I've almost convinced myself that I should give them another go, or at least, consider it. Today therefore, I share with you 10 pretty popular and well loved series that I have a niggling feeling I should finish.

1 | Across the Universe

Have you ever read the start of a series, and liked it, but not loved it, and therefore abandoned it? Sorry Across the Universe, I didn't mean it. You weren't a bad book, you were actually quite good, I just read you at the wrong time. I think.. I recall feeling very amazed by the world building in Across the Universe, but super uncomfortable with the romance part, which was weird, and off putting. That being said though, I felt quite the same about Starters and Enders by Lissa Price, and actually enjoyed those books. Maybe I should give this series a second chance. What do you think?

2 | Chaos Walking

I'm going to be absolutely honest with you guys right now. You have to promise not to scream, or shout, or bite me, okay? I didn't like The Knife of Never Letting Go. Sure, the premise started out pretty intriguing, and I was horrified by the world, but then it went all 'spacey' on me, and all animal cruelty, and I didn't get on board. Oh, and did I mention that almost all the cast felt totally off the rockers? Maybe younger me just couldn't take the amazing, or maybe it really just isn't for me, but I have to find out eventually. Were you a lover or a hater of this series?

3 | The Raven Boys

There's just something about this series that just has me conflicted. I wasn't that amazed by The Raven Boys, so much so, I think I took a few months out from reading it, because I was struggled, but then The Dream Thieves just blew my mind. I was convinced this was a series I was just DESTINED to read, and then, nothing. I wouldn't mind, I took both Blue Lily and The Raven King out the library with good intentions, it just never happened. I didn't even feel guilty about it either. I feel like I'd like to continue, and finish the series, but my motivation to do so is pretty much zilch. If you're there Cait, I'm sorry. Did, or does anyone else feel this way about this series, or is it just me?

4 | The Grisha

I'm almost certain I've talked about my weird thoughts over The Grisha, both in terms of love triangle tropes, and in my age old review, and my feelings are pretty much unchanged. I liked Shadow and Bone, I liked it's world and magic, and the writing was just like music to my ears, (but more like words to my eyes.. anyway!) but the plot was.. meh. I wasn't blown away, and in truth, that's probably the most disappointing thing, because I wanted to be, I expected to be, and I wasn't. The grapevine tells me the series does get better, but I've been bitten before by series like Throne of Glass, and Penryn and the End of Days, I'm not sure I'm open to being disappointed again. Should I give chance this series again, and if so, why?

5 | Red Rising

When Red Rising was released, there were what felt like two types of readers. The first kind of readers sat down and swallowed the thing whole, like some sort of human-snake hybrid with those scary jaws, while the second kind read about a third, and forgot about it. I was the latter, and some days I really regret my decision, and others, I don't mind all that much. This series is easily one of the most cheered about among the book community, and in terms of premise, I'm totally with them, but I just couldn't love it. Strike that, I DID love it, at the beginning, and then it went all 'genetically enhanced' on me and I lost my interest. This is one series that really has me torn, so tell me, is it worth trotting to the library to try this series one more time?

6 | Splintered

If you could have seen my physical sigh of relief when Ashley's post about not liking Wonderland hit my inbox the other day, wow, because phew - *wipes sweat off brow* - I thought I was the only one. I don't like Alice in Wonderland, and trust me, I've tried a lot of different formats, from the original, to comic form, to games, and retellings, and the only time I've even come close to liking it was with Splintered. That world you guys, it was genuinely one of the most beautifully horrific worlds I've ever read about, but the characters, no thank you. That love triangle was just baaaaaad, and the plot was, kind of disappointing. I really don't know about this one guys, I feel like I should, because it could be really good, but it might also be really bad. Should I, or shouldn't I?

7 | Dustlands

Time for some real talk. I actually didn't mind Blood Red Road when I read it waaaaaay back when. Once I got past the writing, which was seriously confusing, and got over some of the characters stupid decision making, I was sold. It was such an interesting read, with a great plot and a strong leading lady, some questionable side characters, and a lot of personal growth, with a sprinkling of romance thrown in for good measure, and I liked it. It would appear I didn't like it enough to continue with though, and I don't know why. Maybe it was the writing, and how it would push me out of the story if I couldn't wrap my head around it. Maybe it was the pacing, which went from zero to ARGH in 0 seconds flat. Maybe it wasn't anything in particular, and I just forgot about it. Have you read Dustlands, and if you have, what's one thing you'd say is worth giving it another shot?

8 | Everneath

Quite some time has passed since I read Everneath, and during that time, I think I've somehow managed to put myself off this series, although I have no idea how, or why. I actually recall liking Everneath in the end, it sort of crept up on me, to the point where I was emotionally invested (and cried like a baby at the end.) I even own the sequel, it sits pretty on my bookshelf, next to it's big sister, staring at me, willing me to read it, but I'm not convinced. Once again, there's a heavy triangle, and when I think back about it, the triangle was a HUGE part of the book, weirdly. I am all for continuing the series, I think, one day, possibly, but I just don't know. I know this series is pretty old in the book world, but should I turn back time and try again?

9 | Trial by Fire

Oh man, this one hurts to admit to. It does, really, because Josephine Angelini is, as far as I'm concerned, a writing goddess, and her Starcrossed trilogy is one of my all-time favourites of the favourites (because of Hector of course!) but Trial by Fire was, not so good. I enjoyed it, the experience was not a bad one to say the least, but it wasn't a good as it could have been either. The world was such a good one, with some pretty awesome ideas, but none of them ever really reached their potential, which sucks. I do feel a pull to this series, and it might be because of Angelini herself being amazing, but still, I'm conflicted. Have you read, and finished this series, and if so, did you like it, and should I get back to it?

10 | Graceling

It's important to mention that way back when I read Graceling, I absolutely, undeniably loved it, rating it super highly and putting in my list of all time favourite standalones, scratch that, all time favourites of ever. Of course, that naturally means that I've totally ignored the following companion novels.. oops? Except, I haven't. I TRIED Fire, I really did, and I got a good fourth of the way through before I took it back the library. It just.. wasn't the same. Obviously, but I expected to fall for Fire like I did Graceling, but nadah. Nothing. Tell me, in your eyes, is this series really a series, and if it is, should I be loyal and finish it for good?

Do you have any series you feel as though you should finish?

Tell me in the comments below, and recommend me some of your favourites!


  1. It's definitely worth trying red rising one last time! Although saying that, I did adore the book the moment I go into it - so we might have different feelings on it. I feel like I need to finish the Mistborn series. I've read the first three, but just can't seem to get started on the latest ones! A pity, considering that Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite authors.

  2. I do understand liking the start of a series, but not feeling the need to continue, and I've done that a lot more over the past few years.
    The only series I've read out of these are Across the Universe and Dustlands. I liked Across the Universe enough (thought I didn't love it) but I really enjoyed Dustlands once I got into it (I think it took the second book for me to get past the language). I read them too long ago to remember much, but in both cases, it was the setting and genre that did it for me. I think Dustlands is worth finishing though!

  3. Yes to all of those I have read: Chaos Walking, The Grisha, and Red Rising. Especially Red Rising. Now I'm off to make sure I have the rest of your list on my to-read list. Thanks!
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
    Follow me on Bloglovin'

  4. Red Rising is just soft intro to what I consider the most amazing and superb sci-fi series ever. So I say, give Red Rising ano more chance so you can experience the perfectness of Golden Son and Morning Star (other books in trilogy)! :)

  5. A few of these I want to start - Red Rising - and want to finish, like you - The Raven Boys. I did finish Graceling, which is so guhhhdddd - so I hope you get to it soon :-)

  6. Okay, you HAVE TO finish Chaos Walking. Must must must! It is SO GOOD. And gets better as it goes along, IMO. Okay, Dustlands. So I liked Blood Red Road. I LOVED Rebel Heart. But Raging Star was kind of a letdown (think Penryn-level hahha). I liked the Grisha series, but I know some people didn't love the third book. I also still need to finish The Raven Boys! I don't know what I am going with my life- I OWN THEM ALL!

    As for Red Rising... I was in your camp, too. I stopped at like, 12%. Then, I finished it when my blog readers voted for me to haha. And... I was underwhelmed, honestly. I have the next book, but I really don't know if I will ever pick it up. Maybe? But it isn't likely.

    As for my own series to finish, SO MANY. The 5th Wave, Partials, Gone, The Raven Cycle, The Lunar Chronicles, The Young Elites, A Thousand Pieces of You... and I have so many unstarted series too! Gah, overwhelming! Good luck with yours!!

  7. Yes, to Across the Universe and Red Rising. Red Rising is now one of my favorite series of all time. I cried like a baby at the end. Loved it.

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