Thursday, 28 April 2016

Embarrassing Habits Behind This Bumbling Bloggers Ways

No matter how I've been blogging or where it takes me, I think I'll always be surprised when people say I'm an 'inspiration' or 'one of their go-to bloggers' because believe it or not, despite how organised I look, or how clever I seem, I have some extremely WEIRD blogging habits. I love being organised, and creating lists, and I love sharing all my experiences and the tools that make those experiences even better, but I'm not without my strange and alienating twitches. Of course, in normal Amanda fashion, I wanted to share these with you.

1 | I'm very rarely focused on one task

I shared what a typical blog-filled day looks like for me, and within that, I talked about all the tasks I spend my day doing, but in truth, it's very unlikely that they'd be spaced out or set in a particular order. In reality, it's a bit like a traditional cake recipe; the new recipes say to do each step individually, but back in the day, you threw it all together, and that's pretty much what I do with all my tasks.

Some tasks will have more of my focus than others. The perfect example being creating this post; I'm typing up this post with my notes beside me, but every now and again, I'll tweak and update Buffer to keep it full of social media updates, and when inspiration takes hold, I might just jump ship and get flashy with photography. Hell, when lunchtime rolls around, I'll bounce between checking out my feeds and hanging around on Twitter and Instagram, and that's because I don't have a set focus.

Surely that's really not productive? Like, how do you get anything done?

Rewards my friend, they work.

Let's say I started this post at 12 in the afternoon. I have a small plan with the points I wanted to make, but beside that, it's all a bit 'anything goes'. I'll keep writing the post until it's finished, and only when it's finished can I either a) spend some quality time with my games console, b) watch some really rubbish daytime TV or c) help myself to very naughty piece of chocolate cake in the fridge.

This way, I still have the freedom to do, quite frankly, whatever the hell I want in terms of blogging tasks, but the reward is only available at the end, which makes me more likely to get cracking with content quicker, because cake doesn't stay in the fridge forever.

2 | I'm either creative for blogging, or photography

I'm almost certain I can't be the only creative who struggles balancing different creative avenues. You see, the problem is, when I'm feeling creative for content and I suddenly decide I want to take photography, one of them always ends on the 'not how I'd imagined, but it'll do' box. Most days, I wake up and I just KNOW which creative avenue I'll be taking, if any.

Some days I wake up, like today, and I know I'll be churning out an entire blog post, complete with links and graphics and the whole shebang, and other days, zilch. Some of those other days turn out to be photography days, which usually end with my spending the afternoon viewing, deleting, editing and uploading over 500+ images, and only loving around 15 of them. The other days are just total flops.

How To Prepare For Photography PhotoShoots (+ 50 Prop Ideas!)
My Quick and Easy 5-Step Process to Editing Photos (With Picmonkey!)

Is there a reason for this crazy habit? You know, I'm not sure, but it certainly brings out the best in me no matter how it works. Writing and photography I find are very different forms of creativity - one involves the power of words to create a variety of emotions or bestow knowledge upon others, or just to rant, while the other is beautiful in an entirely different way. The story is the same, but the method is not, and that's probably why trying to mix to the two usually ends in both tasks being okay, rather than awesome.

3 | Some post ideas stay ideas for weeks, or months

I actually shared this habit a bit with my subscribers a few months ago, and even explored it a little when I shared why you should doubting yourself and write anyway, but some of my post ideas suck. They sound AWESOME when they first come to me, and between all the other content, all the other tutorials and advice and recommendations and tool talk, they end up feeling.. flat, like filler content, and I hate them.

That's why I usually let my post idea stew before exploring them.

Back in the day, I used to create a draft and add to the draft as I went along, adding ideas, taking them away and leaving them in my Blogger collection until the day I either went 'YES, time to write you baby' or I threw it in the trash. As good as that used to be, it was a serious motivation killer seeing it there when I was blogging, reminding me of my failures.

Now though, with Evernote, I can do exactly that but store it somewhere else where I can only access it and see it when I'm looking for it, which means my motivation stays up there while I let the post decide what it's doing. Some post ideas can be there for days until I explore them, expand them and share them, while others can be sitting, maturing, waiting for months before I think they're ready.

How I Organise and Manage My Blog With Evernote

It's a strange habit, and can sometimes result in me completely forgetting the direction of the post, or what I wanted the post to achieve, which usually results in writing a completely different post, but sometimes they turn out absolutely brilliantly, like my post on using Evernote. That post was over 5 months in the making after I mentioned it in another post last year, and in that time it changed a lot along the way, including finding it's way into the trash bin quite a few times. Just goes to show that sometimes you just have to give those posts time, or yourself, it's always one or the other.

4 | I like to write my posts in HTML

I realise this is one of the most crazy of my habits, especially for none-tech people, but it's almost a comfort to me now. It took me a while to get myself around the world of coding and tech-speak, but once I knew the basics and had enough of layout issues in Blogger, I bit the bullet and checked out the HTML aspect. Wow, was I horrified.

There were unclassified divs almost EVERYWHERE, word formatting from when I'd copied and pasted things from elsewhere, alignments absolutely everywhere, and in the end I just had to stop it from ever happening again. Now I write almost all my content in the HTML editor, adding in the alignments, the classes and ids as I go along, and getting the layout of my post how I want it to be has never been easier. It's not a blogging habit for everyone, but it works for me.

5 | I save ALMOST all my images as PNG

There are some general rules when it comes to saving your images, no matter what they're for, and Ashley covers them really well when talked about reducing file sizes, but I just have a habit of saving most of my images as PNG, even when I could save them as JPG.

I save my Instagram images as PNG.
I save my blog graphics as PNG.
I save my blog photography as PNG.
If it can be saved as a PNG, it is.

These are all some pretty bad or unusual habits, but we're not all perfect pineapples in this world, and we should feel like we need to be. Doing what works for you, whether it's a little crazy or not is all in your system. If it works, keep at it, but you don't need to do what everyone else does, or feel ashamed if you don't. Your blogging habits and your blogging journey is your own, and it's based on what you achieve, not the numbers you receive, so shouldn't we embrace our unusual and crazy habits as part of us? I think so.

What's your worst or most usual blogging habit?


  1. Oh I LOVE this post!! I love when the bloggers who I feel are to "together" have bad habits too- makes me feel less bad that 99% of my habits are bad ones ;)

    The Blogger HTML thing is SO true. I was the same as you- had NO idea about any of it, and then realized that Blogger was literally sabotaging me at every turn! I didn't write the WHOLE thing in HTML, but I always POSTED from html- because I refused to give Blogger the chance to change my post! Even in WP, there are times I switch to HTML, especially in a graphic heavy post, or a post that requires columns, etc.

    I think my biggest habit that makes most people twitch is that aside from reviews that I have promised on a certain date or a tour or something, I NEVER know what I am going to post until I'm typing it. Like, right now it is 9:30pm here. And before I go to bed, there will be a post up. What will it be? Your guess is literally as good as mine! I have a few options that I have thought about, but we'll see which one makes the cut. No notes (except for reviews, every so often I will jot something down), just... randomness that pops into my brain! I used to think that it was a bad way to do things, because I HAD to be missing stuff that I otherwise would have included in posts, but honestly? I think it works for me. I have tried being more organized and I seem to just not be able to do it!

    I feel like I probably have other weird habits too, but that has to be the one that makes people twitch the most ;) GREAT post!!

  2. I share a lot of the same weird habits, especially that PNG one.

  3. Do ANY of we bloggers truly have it together?!? 😂 BECAUSE I DON'T. omg, I have a million weird habits too! And I totally relate to not being able to balance ALL the creativity. hehe. Usually I'm a blogging kick or a writing kick or a reviewing one...and I just kind of fudge whatever I'm not feeling inspired about and wait for it to come back. ;D

    I think it's cool that you write your posts in HTML! I kind of am sort of used to it from Goodreads reviews...but I wouldn't choose it willingly. ;D But it makes sense to get all the formatting nice!

    But you really ARE an inspiration. XD HONESTLY NOW.

  4. I love how these are bad habits :') Because my bad habits are probably abandoning my blog with absolutely no warning. And also taking forever to respond to comments. But yep...what Cait said. Nobody really has it together. At least we don't try and fool ourselves haha.

  5. Oh goodness, I also can't focus on one thing at a time. I am so all over the place, doing one task for 5 minutes, then jumping over to something else for 30 seconds, then jumping to something else, then back to the first... It's a mess. I WANT to focus, I just can't.

    I guess I also use HTML to write posts? I NEVER use the "visual" tab. I've never even thought of that as being strange though lol. But I have things so customized on my blog with classes and ids in the stylesheet that I really can't do it any other way. And I'm crazy about having everything *perfect* and exactly how I imagine in my head, hence all the customization I do. And the visual editor always makes things look so weird and changes the html in weird ways. So I'm totally with you on that "weird habit" :-P