Saturday, 16 May 2015

Why I Don't Buy and Keep Books Without Reason

You're probably sat there thinking to yourself 'that's a very vague title Amanda, care to elaborate there?' Why yes, yes I would, but first, I need to give you a few examples, or else there's a chance I'll lose you.

Lets see.. firstly, I read Throne of Glass last year, the only thing was, I didn't own a copy, I borrowed it from the library and so eventually, after reading it, had to return it, which would leave other people in a quandary - buy a copy to add to the 'collection' when I buy the others, or not continue the series physically, consider it on an e-reader of sorts. I, did neither of these, I just continued the series with Crown of Midnight, Assassians Blade and Heir of Fire, obtaining physical copies and just left getting Throne of Glass because, what was the point, I'd already read it?

Another example was when I read Dead Girls Detective Agency via my physical copy, but only read the sequel, Dead Girl Walking, via e-arc - I didn't buy a physical copy of the sequel, I actually gave my physical copy of the first installment as a gift to my sister last Christmas since it was in perfect condition. I guess big money question is about:

I talked a little about this in my post about other peoples habits that I don't understand, but I still stand by not understanding why people would buy books they don't need to buy. I didn't need to buy a copy of Throne of Glass because I'd already read it, and the only person my incomplete collection would bother would be me, since I'm the only person that see's it, and I don't care, so what's the reasoning behind it? I actually gave a book away rather than buy it's sequel so I wouldn't have a book on my shelves that I'd likely never read again. Am I strange and weird, or do other people do this and feel this way too?

There's only one book I've bought after reading it as an e-arc and that's 8-Bit Christmas which I bought only very recently after reading it in 2013. I've never felt the need nor want to buy a book I've already read, especially if I'm never going to read it again, I don't see what the point would be. I buy books because it enables me to read them, because standing in the shop for 3 hours would just be really rude, and if I get to keep it, that's even better, but buying a book I've already experienced? No, that's not for me. Add that to the fact that I'm lucky when I have money to buy books, so why would I then spend it on a book I've already read? I own both Awaken and Middle Ground from the Awaken Trilogy, but will never own Still Point because I've already read an e-arc. Is that cheating? Is that fair? Am I being cruel? I don't know, I just can't justify doing that, it makes no sense to me.

Sometimes I even avoid buying a book if I know I can reserve it at the library for cheaper.. It costs £1 per book for me to reserve a book from elsewhere, I get to keep it for 3 weeks per renewal and get 5 renewals, that's 15 weeks people, I'm definitely going to have tried to read or read the book in that time and if I liked it, fantastic, and if I didn't, I've wasted half the price I would have spent on a lottery ticket, not a problem in sight, other than scenario's such as the Throne of Glass example. Man, I've even reserved and read Shadow and Bone from the library (£1) and bought Siege and Storm as a kindle book for £3.99 which is way cheaper than what it would have been to buy the first book alone, and risk not liking it. This also blends into my post about being tight with money when it comes to books, but I can't help it, it's the way I'm wired.. Am I a little bit freaky to you?

I also just find it impossible to keep hold of books I don't have to, especially books I've either read and not enjoyed, therefore never re-reading it, or books I'm just going to never read. In November last year, I actually arranged to giveaway/sell some of my books that I didn't need anymore, literally because, why would I keep them if there was no point? They were taking up room other books I wanted could take, made my shelves look cluttered and we're never going to be loved by me, it would have been a shame to keep them. I cannot help but think I'm maybe a little strange about all of this, and really, whether there's anyone else out there like me that does it too. Maybe I'm alone in this.. I just can't handle buying books I don't need to own, or keeping books I'm not in love with..

Do you buy/keep books you don't need to?

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