Monday, 18 May 2015

The Big Reason You Need To Be Sharing Achievements

When I first started out blogging, I never for one moment considered that I'd have achieved as much as I have. After all, blogging was just a way to kill time, a shout out to the void in the hope that somebody, anybody would care to notice, so to have a reached a point where I can fill both hands with achievements I couldn't be prouder of, that's so much more exciting. I love seeing what other people have accomplished and what people are proud of, and I've never not considered sharing my experiences or how proud I am to be a blogger, but some people fear sharing their achievements, and they're missing out of easy promotion..

Sharing your story means looking back, promote your old content!

Letting your readers know that you've reached 2,000 followers or 100 email subscribers, as fantastic as that is, isn't necessarily going to benefit you, or your blog in terms of gaining more readership or subscribers. Whenever you celebrate a milestone, you should really consider what content you can promote within that post in order to gain more internal views, encouraging readers, both loyal and new to stick around and explore your blog, bringing your older content alive instead of lost in your archives.

Direct your readers to relevant content, create a blog buffet.

When Ashley from Nosegraze celebrated her blogaversary, she didn't just celebrate and share it with her readers, she shared what lessons she learned from 3 years in the business, linking up with relevent content related to different lessons, sending readers to other content she thought would be helpful, but in doing so, she gave herself simple and easy internal promotion alongside it, promoting while she partied away her milestone with the readership that had brought her there.

When Sarah from xo Sarah noticed she'd been getting a lot of new readership, as well as celebrating this by highlighting it in the following she post, she clubbed together 20 super helpful posts to boost your blog, featuring 20 posts she'd previously written, allowing new readers and old alike to explore her content, inspiring them and bringing up to date with the new her.

It's really easy to put the idea into action.

For Example..

If I were celebrating my first blogaversary co-blogging, I would probably want to direct people to:

If I were celebrating reading #number of books within a year, I would probably share:

If I were celebrating making the change from just book blogging to blog blogging, I'd probably point them to:

Where possible, internally promoting your older and relevant content is something you should consider doing. Directing readers to content that will benefit them, that they're clearly interested can only help your blog, your statistics and your readership.

Never be afraid to revitalize your older posts and share them with the world.
You published them because they were great. The truth is, they still are.

How do you celebrate your blogging milestones?


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