Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why It's Natural For Your Blog To Change Over Time

A while ago, and I do mean a while ago - last year in fact - a favourite blogger of mine was in a bit of a personal rut. She co-blogged on a blog focusing primarily on books, but she no longer felt she wanted to blog books all of the time, and she felt a little lost.. It got me thinking, how many of us started our blogs with books in mind, talking about books, loving books, ranting books and showcasing books who now run blogs that aren't solely focused on that anymore? How many of us just blog whatever comes to us, whatever we want to share or talk about? How many of us have changed, and in turn, changed our blogs?

I personally, from the moment I started blogging, have changed what I do an awful lot. The biggest change being that I've gone from solo blogging to blogging with Stacie, but I've also delved into discussions not only about books, but about the experience of blogging, I've started reviewing films I've watched as well as the books I read, I've talked about my other hobbies, whether that be the shows and I watch and games I play, or my card making habit, I've gotten personal and talked about my life with depression and within all of this, I still share my love for books, but I'm no longer just blogging about the subject I started with, and I think that's perfectly fine.

It's understandable that with time, we, as humans, change and adapt to what life at us, and sometimes that influences things we do. You might have gotten a new job and the time that new job demands might be enough to change how you blog, or when, and you might even want to blog about the job, how you got there, the experiences your gaining, how it can change things in your life, the same way if you go from employed to unemployed, you might want to talk about how that changes your perspectives, how it affects your feelings. Some people, in the time I've been following their blogs, I've noticed, have become more personal in their post, they include things from TV shows they're currently in love with, to their chronicles of cats stories, and I firmly believe there's nothing to be ashamed of in doing this. Your blog may have started out as one thing, the same way you may have started out as one person, but with time, with influences, with experiences and development, you can change, and when you change, your blog changes with you, and there's nothing that you should stop you form embracing that.

Your blog is your voice. It's your stage, your platform. Don't worry about who you used to be or what you used to blog about, embrace the new you, the new quirks and the new hobbies and bring these into your blog. Blogs change over time, and that's what gives them life.

Have you changed since you started blogging?

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