Wednesday, 28 January 2015

4 Book and Blog Habits I Just Don't Understand

Everybody has habits that they endorse and feel proud of. I myself quite enjoy marathoning series on a high level, as well as searching for spoilers and reading books in one night, but there are habits that other people have that I really, really, really don't understand. Now, for the sake of not having numerous short and punchy discussions, I've decided to fling them all together into one collective post which makes things both much easier to construct, much easier to digest and much easier to publish, so without further ado, let me talk to you about habits I fail to understand.

Collecting Numerous Copies of One Book

Can somebody explain to me the logic in this please? So you've got a copy of a book and it's all pretty and shiney and OH NO, the paperback has a extra chapter in it, so instead of logically, you know, maybe reading this long lost chapter in the book store, or waiting for it to become available at the library, or even, god knows, borrowing it from someone, you buy another copy that is almost in every identical to your other, just with a few more pages. Why? Why would you even- I don't understand, I don't get it. Surely it's a waste of money, why would you need numerous copies of the same book. Same goes for people who buy numerous copies of books because of book covers. WHY?! Better still, don't even get me started on people who have numerous copies of books IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AND EDITIONS. If you can read in Spanish and have an English and Spanish Edition, I can maybe buy that, but when you don't speak the language, what is the point? Special Editions can also kiss my ass, I've spent good money buying your book about five months ago, why bring out the special edition now when everyone's already got a copy? You just want more money from me, I see what you've done there. No, I don't understand this, why do you do this? Can somebody let me know because I'm lost and confused and need to scream?

Not Taking Notes While Reading

How do you do it people? How can you read a full length novel, not take any notes and churn out a review that is 100% based on in the moment feelings? I don't- how? I confess, I used to do this and it's really easy I admit to get lost in the story by doing so, but I soon figured that my reviews were being written based solely on how I felt at the end of the book and this is really pretty unfair. If the beginning was slow and dragged, surely this needs to be mentioned, and if the ending sucked but the first half was fantastic, then surely this needs mentioning too? Things people, things about the novel need talking about and if you don't take notes, how do you recall things? Character names, specific scenes, things like the writing, quotes that you want to use or remember, without notes, surely it's really hard to talk about those things or remember those details? I couldn't imagine not making notes while I read or watch something, it's almost like a secondary system that happens alongside reading now, so you people that don't, what do you do? How do you remember? How do you even review?

Creating a Build Up of Unwritten Reviews

Why do people even? I just - isn't it really difficult for you people who do this? How do you remember things? If you've read two fantasy novels, a contemporary, a dystopian and new adult, like, how do you split the books from one another, how do you put your feelings in there. To me, this habit is both the twin of the previous habit, but also the annoying big sister, for people who don't take notes and do this, how do you even get any reviews written, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU REMEMBER THINGS?! How do you remember important things and how you felt right afterwards? I'm pretty confident this is why sometimes, when you write a review for a book you thought you liked, you begin to notice more flaws, because you can't recall all the parts you really liked.. For people who do take notes but leave themselves with seven reviews to write, how do you - decide which to write first? How do you choose when to publish them? How can you rely on things you wrote weeks ago, what if you don't understand your meaning anymore? What if it makes no sense to you? What do you do? I can't imagine to writing a review a day or two after I've read the book, it'd just be too difficult, I want my notes to help me be particular and focus on themes and features I liked, but I want me immediate feelings to come through the review too, and it confuses me when people don't do the same. Am I the only one that finds this weird?

Buying Complete Series When Not Sure of Enjoyment

This is admit, I've done before, but no longer do. The only times I've bought sequels before reading the first installment was with Defiance and Deception and Wake and Lullaby. I've since read Defiance and appreciate that I used my hunch to buy the sequel when I did, because now I can' find it for a good price anywhere, and I haven't gotten around to Wake and Lullaby just yet, but I'm still fairly hopeful that I'll enjoy it, but when people do this really quite often, I just - I don't get it. Surely it makes more logical sense to try the first in a series before buying the sequels, you could be wasting money, you could using that time and money on other books you're more likely to enjoy, or on books you're highly anticipating. One you've bought those books in a series and you dislike the first, what will you do with the rest, force you're way through them, leave them unread to gather dust, just stare at them and hope they'll become something else instead? Seriously, just consider buying the first book and only that one, then buy them once you enjoy them, otherwise, I'll forever be confused you.

Do you know of any habits that you don't understand?

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