Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Every Book I Own That I Have Yet Still To Read (Vote!)

I have a teeny, tiny confession.. I own a lot of books. I say a lot in the knowledge that someone somewhere has said that exact same sentence and owns more than me, but for somebody in a small two bedroom flat, with a square box room, my 120+ books is a tad bit of a problem. Sure, I won't deny that it makes a fabulous looking statement wall now they're in coloured order, but there's still an awful lot of them that I haven't yet read, and I'm starting to think that's a bit of a problem. With Christmas making it's rapid journey to meet us in December, and I fully aware that I'm getting even more books, I thought it was time I took a long hard look at the books I still have to read, and give you the chance to choose which of those books I make a point of reading sooner, rather than later. Let's check out the hoard collection..

Books with * are Kindle copies.

The most awkward thing about putting my unread collection down in writing is that while I'm horrified at the amount of books I have yet to read, I'm also just a little impressed that it isn't more. Although, it doesn't make the situation much better when you consider I've only bought around 10 books throughout the entire year. I've got some serious reading work to do. Alas, that is where you come into play.

As there are almost 100 books featured here, (and god alone knows I panic when it comes to choosing a book between 2-3 at a time,) I thought I'd let you decide which five of these books need to be devoured before the others. In the comments below, list out clearly the five books on my list of unreads that I should be reading pronto. List them with commas between each title, or number them - whatever works for you. On the 20th Sept, comments will close and no more votes can be casted, so if you want a say on these books, get in quick. You'll even get a cheeky referral in my review, lucky ol' you.. Go forth and vote away!

How Many Books Do You Own That Are Still Unread?


  1. I don't know if I can list five - But poison study by Maria V Snyder in amazing! Although you might want to have the next two books in the trilogy close at hand...

  2. To be honest, my only advice is to either go for series or stay away from them initially. Like I noticed you had a lot of Cassandra Clare. You could finish those all in one shot and be done? Or you could go for All Our Yesterdays, which is standalone. I loved that one, it was so good! I would rec that. Also This Song Will Save Your Life, if you're looking for a more contemp vibe ;)

  3. 1. Fangirl
    2. I'll Give You the Sun
    3. The Diviners
    4. I Hunt Killers
    5. Gone Girl (If you haven't already seen the movie. If you have- To All the Boys...)

    A lot of good books up there!! I also love anything Sarah Dessen and Pushing the Limits was a favorite of mine. Happy reading!!

  4. The Diviners, Poison Study, Everything, Everything, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Since You've Been Gone.

  5. Golden, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, This Song Will Save Your Life, Second Chance Summer and Born Wicked. I loved them all and hope you do, too! Also, I cried in three of these books, so I recommend tissues... Hope this plan helps you tackle your TBR!

  6. 1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - wonderfully creepy, AND the whole series is already could you lose?
    2. Unwind - Absolutely amazing, and really makes you think about stuff.
    3. All Our Yesterdays - Time travel. What more could you want?
    4. The Iron Traitor - (Assuming you've read the previous books) The last one is about to come out.
    5. Split Second - Because sequel to Pivot Point.

  7. I liked:

    All Our Yesterdays
    The Goddess Test
    Pushing the Limits
    Split Second

    I didn't like:

    Heir of Fire
    The Sin Eater's Daughter

    Good luck getting through the list! :)

  8. I have HUNDREDS of books I own and haven't read. Well, thousands maybe even if you count all the random freebies I picked up for the kindle but never downloaded to any device. *Hangs head in Shame*

  9. OMG, look at all those books!

    Read Poison Study! It's a wonderful read and the characters are terrific!
    And Daughter of Smoke and Bone! The writing is beautiful and the creativity blew me away!
    Pushing the Limits! One of my favourite contemporaries.
    Also Goddess Test. It's pretty unique and I enjoyed it a lot when I read it ages ago!

    Good luck with this pile, girl!:)

  10. 1. Assassin's Blade
    2. Heir of Fire
    3. Fangirl
    4. Split Second
    5. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

  11. I have >200 unread books, so I know that feeling ;)

    Assassin's blade.
    Daughter of smoke and bone.
    The diviners.
    Heir of fire.
    Not a drop to drink.
    On the fence.
    Poison study.
    Since you've been gone.
    Snow child.
    Split second.
    This song will save your life.

    These were books I really loved :)

  12. This is HARD. So okay, I am going to choose 5. I will also say that I wanted to add The Sin Eater's Daughter because I LOVED it, but people either love it or hate it, so I was hesitant to add it.

    1. Unwind. You must, non-negotiable ;)
    2. Everything, Everything
    3. To All the Boys I've Loved Before
    4. Not a Drop to Drink
    5. I am torn between Pawn and I'll Give You the Sun so... sorry, I got close to 5 ;)

  13. Omg I have no idea how many unread books I have! There are at least 15 on my current bed-side TBR (it's gonna fall over and crush me in my sleep, I swear) and then maybe that many (or more?) on my shelves that I haven't gotten around to yet?? THIS INSPIRES ME TO COUNT THEM! :D

    I want to reread Unwind and then devour the rest of the series.! And oooooh I'll Give You the Sun is EXTREMELY WONDERFUL, as is Fangirl and the Coldest Girl in Coldtown! And A Monster Calls?! JUST READ THAT ONE, OKAY? IT'S SUPER SHORT AND WILL BREAK YOUR HEART.

  14. The Assassin's Blade
    I Hunt Killers
    Heir of Fire
    Pushing the Limits

    I love all of the books I mentioned about so I hope you will too! I don't know how many I have on my TBR. Quite a lot I think. I actually only compare my physical TBR vs physical read books. I don't know why. I'm always comforted by the fact I own more read hard copies than unread ones..

  15. Clockwork Princess.
    City of Fallen Angels*
    Daughter Of Smoke & Bone.
    Hunting Lila.
    Pushing The Limits.
    Second Chance Summer.

    *City Of Fallen Angels isn't the best book in the series, but if you can push through, it gets SO good. I was definitely left feeling satisified with this series, even though it took me like, 2 weeks to get through CoFA. I really do recommend you give it a shot.

    You have a lot of books on your TBR that I, too, have yet to read. It's such a tough task to manage, but I have every faith you'll shrink it before Christmas :) Good luck!

  16. Ummm Amanda!!! Definitely Heir of Fire, DOSAB, Addicted To You, The Diviners, and This Song Will SAve Your Life!!! All such fantastic books <33 Don't worry hun you will get through it!